Papatya Konutları Tamamlandı…

Atılgan Yapı & İnşaat’ın 2013 yılında başladığı İstanbul Maltepe bölgesinde ki; Papatya Konutları tamamlandı. Projemiz siz değerli müşterilerimize sunarken, modern, geleceğe umut ile bakacak topluma, insana ve doğaya saygılı projeler üretmeye devam edeceğiz…

While remodeling, opt for materials with mass appeal like stainless steel appliances of high quality rather than the professional-grades ones. Repair or replace cabinets to make them look neat and completely professional. Repaint walls with colors that would appeal to people in general. All faucets, sinks etc and light fix tures should be completely functional with no broken parts. Try to lend maximum working space to the kitchen.

But one needs to remember that the total cost incurred for remodeling by you must never exceed the value that your home value can support. Its advisable to limit it to anything between 6-10 percent of total home value to get decent returns. Create a list of priorities based on what sells in a kitchen and ensure to meet them. Without compromising on architecture, opt for simplicity and add some wow features like extra drawers, pull out pantry etc. Now just enjoy the great bargain received for the house.

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